Personal Resume

Ø        Patent Engineers

Feng-Der Tsai


Since September 31, 1996, Mr. Tsai has had fundamental experiences in various technical fields.  He has prepared quite a large number of domestic and international patent applications.


Mr. Tsai has represented clients in the licensing and acquisition of patents.  He has prepared, filed and prosecuted numerous utility and design patents for a great deal of internationalized companies.  Mr. Tsai, who has a civil engineering background, has been involved with patents relating to mechanical, semiconductor, chemical and electrical products and processes.


Mr. Tsai completed his undergraduate education at National Chiao-Tung University, where he received a B.S. in civil engineering in 1990. 


Mr. Tsai had participated important public constructions including the Second Northern Highway and Pei-Ie Highway for more than four yeas in Sinotech Engineering Consultsnts.  He is good at the redesigning of the position for the open channel.


Mr. Tsai had received training in the supervisor class held by National Expressway Engineering Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in the Taiwan Area and he had been certificated.


Mr. Tsai resides with his wife, Chang Ien, in Taipei County.  They have two children and like to spend their leisure time reading magazines.