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C. F. Tsai  

Attorney-at-law/Patent Attorney/Arbitrator

  ■ Bachelor of Marine Technology of National Chiao-Tung University

  ■ Technician of Marine Engineering

  ■ LLB of National Taiwan University

  ■ LLM of Soo Chou University



Yu-Li Tsai 

Patent Attorney

  ■ Bachelor of EE in National Taiwan University

  ■ Master of Telecommunication in National Taiwan University

  ■ IP Master of New Hampshire (Franklin Pierce)


Shun-Yu Hung

Attorney-at-law / Patent Attorney

  LLB of Soochow university

  Master degree in criminal law from Fu Jen Catholic University

  National Kaohsiung Institute of Technology with a major in Electrical Engineering

  Bar Examination Passed



Lu-Fa Tsai 


*  LLB of National Taiwan University

*  Bar Examination Passed

*  LLM of National Taiwan University




Feng-Der Tsai

Senior Patent Engineer 

* Civil Engineering of National Chiao Tung University

* On-site Engineer of Sinotech Engineering Consultants

* IP Experiences: from 1996  






Patent Attorney

*  Bachelor’s degree of China Medical college

*  Mater of Institute of Pharmacy, Fukuoka University

*  Ph.D., Institute of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University

*  Senior Patent Officer, Intellectual Property Office

*  Director of Intellectual Property, Lotus Pharmaceutical. Co.

*  Adjunct Instructor, Taipei Medical University

*  Associate Researcher Fellow, College of Commerce, National Chengchi University

*  Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Division, Development Center for Biotechnology 



Jiin-Cheng Chou

Patent Engineer

n   B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering from the National Chiao Tung University

n   M.S. degree in Communication  Engineering from the National Chiao Tung University

n   Electronic design engineer at CSIST (Chung-Sun Institute of Science and technology)

n  Data communation R& D  projector leader at IISI (international Integrated System INC.)

n   Transmission R&D manager at Siemens Telecom. system LTD.

n   Braodband,  mobile phone R&D senior manager at BenQ corporation

n   R& D senior manager at Liteon corporation 




River Hu

Director of Patent Group I

Education: BS, National Taipei University of Technology, electronic engineering




Kuo-Chen Chung

Deputy Director, Patent Group I

BS in Industrial Engineering, National Taipei Institute of Technology

MS in Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University

Ph. D. in Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University

Assistant Engineer, Automation Department/China Productivity Center (1988-1993)

R&D Consultant, Kernan Technology Co., Ltd. (2003-2006)



Yun-Yuan Pan

Deputy Director of Patent Department II

  ■BS in Electrical Engineering, Chung-Cheng Institute of Technology (Taiwan, ROC)

  ■MC in Business Administration, National Chengchi University (Taiwan, ROC)

  ■MS in Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)



Sheng-Long Yueh

Director, Patent Department I

  B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science, Fu-Jen Catholic University

  M.S. in Biochemistry, Yang-Ming University

  Diploma program of ”Biotechnology Management Course”, Yang-Ming University and ChengChi University

    LL.B. in National Taiwan University



Jeffrey Hsu

Patent Engineer

 ■TTU: Dept. of M. E.

 ■NTPU: College of Law



Leanne Wu

Deputy Director, Patent Department I

  ■Bachelor of Department of Horticulture, National

  Taiwan University

  ■Master of Institute of Plant Biology, National Taiwan University



Pei-Ling Wu   

Director of Patent Department II

 n   B.S. degree in Agronomy from the National Taiwan University

n   M.S. degree in Agronomy from the National Taiwan University

n   Research Assistant of National Taiwan University

n   Assistant Researcher of Development Center For Biotechnology

n   Manager of Development Center For Biotechnology



Ilia Chu

Deputy Director, Patent Group I

 *  National Taiwan University, Bachelor of Department of Agricultural Chemistry

*  National Taiwan University, Master of Institute of Microbiology and Biochemistry







Wei-Ting Chou 

Patent Director, Patent Group I

*   Master of Agricultural Engineering, National Taiwan University; and

*   Bachelor of Medical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University



Yu-Ching Huang

Patent Deputy Director, Patent Group II

n   Bachelor of National Yang-Ming University Faculty of Physical Therapy

n   Master of National Yang-Ming University Institute of Biopharmaceutical Science



Tao Yu

Patent engineer

*  Bachelor: National Dong Hwa University Department of Life Science

*  Master: National Tsing Hua University

Institute of Bioinformatics and Structural Biology information

*  Bachelor: National Taipei University of Technology Department of Electronics Engineering Post-Bachelor Program

*  Master: National Taiwan University of Technology Institute of Patent

*  Research assistant at Academia Sinica Institute of Biomedical Sciences

*  Assistant at PwC Taiwan

*  Patent engineer assistant at Keystones IP Management Co., Ltd.



Sean Hsuei   

Manager, Adding IP Value Department

  ■ MS, State Univ. of NY @ Stony Brook, Mechanical Engineering, 1989

  BS, Tamkang University, Mechanical Engineering, 1985

  ■1991-1995  Engineer CMS/ITRI

  1995-2003  Dept. Manager  Macronix International ( Flash IC IDM)

  2003-2005  Manager, RFID Center/ITRI

  2005-2008  Senior Manager /Promise Technology (Storage System IDM )

  Since 2008  Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law



I-Pin Lai

Patent Deputy Director of Patent Group II

  Bachelor of Microbiology of Soo Chou University

  Master of Molecular Biology of National Chung Hsing University

  Studies in Science & Technology Law Institute of National Chiao Tung University

  National Health Research Institute



Li-hua Tsien

Patent engineer

*   B.S. (physics), Tunghai University

*   M.S. (physics), University of Toledo, USA

*   Ph.D. (physics), University of Toledo, USA





Chung Lin

Patent Deputy Director, Patent Group II

 ■ Department of Engineering and System Science of National Tsing Hua University

■ Product Engineer of King Yuan ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. 


Yin, Hwai Jer

Deputy Director, Patent Group I 

  Chung Yuan Christian University (B.S.)

  Fo Guang University (M.S.S.)

  JLPT® N1 level

   Diploma of post graduate Law

  department, National Taiwan University




Arthur Chou

Patent Engineer

n   National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 2008

n   BS, Yuan Ze University, Electrical Engineering, 1998

n   1998-1999   Hardware Engineer / Compal / R & D Department

n   1999-2002   IC Design Engineer / ASLIC/ R & D Department

n   2002-2005   Hardware Engineer / Yoko/ R & D Department

2005-2007   Hardware Engineer / R & D Department


Yu-wei Chang  

Deputy Director, Patent Group II

  Bachelor degree in Communication Engineering, NCU

  Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, NCU



Wei-der Liu

Patent Engineer

*  Zoology Department of National Taiwan University

*  Institute of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University

*  Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 



Hsieh, Yun-Sheng

 Patent Engineer

*  Department of Food Science, Fu Jen Catholic University

*  Institute of Bioscience and Biochnology, National Taiwan Ocean University




Patent Engineer

*  National Chiao Tung University - Materials Science and Engineering

*  National Cheng Chi University - Graduate Institute of Technology and Innovation Management



Yi-shan Cheng   

Patent Engineer  

n   B.S. degree in Agronomy from the National Taiwan University

n   M.S. degree in Biopharmaceutical Sciences from the National Yang-Ming University







Patent engineer

*  Bachelor, Department of Chemical Engineering of Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

*  Master of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering of Cornell University, U.S.A.

*  Philips, 1994

*  Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, 1994~2008

*  Gia-Tsoong Enterprise, Inc., 2009~2010

Ho-Tung Chemical Corporation (Taiwan, R.O.C.) & its investment company: NGDT Corporation (Mainland China) 2011~2012



Chien-yu Lin     

Patent Engineer

n   University of Manchester (UK)

BSc. (Hons) Computer Science with Business Management

n   University of Newcastle (UK)

MSc. Electronics

n   University College London (UK)

MSc. Vision, Imaging and Virtual Environment

n   Inventec, Firmware Engineer

n   Multisuns Corp., International Sales

n   CCS/ Sporton

Mobile Phone Certification Project Manager



Jou-Chieh Chen

Patent Engineer

    National Chung Hsing University

Bachelor of Food Science

    ■National Taiwan University  Master of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

     Development Center for Biotechnology

Associate Research Fellow (4   years)

    ■Han De Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Research Fellow (1year)

Long River International Patent, Trademark & Law Office

Patent Engineer (1 year)




Tse-Min Chiu

Patent Engineer

  ■B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tamkang University

  ■M.S. in Nanoelectronic Engineering from University of Melbourne

  ■R&D of Career Technology

  ■Patent Engineer of Li Young Patent & Trademark Office



Chen, Yi-Tsen

Patent Engineer

*  Bachelor of Science in Department of Chemistry at Chung Yuan Christian University

*  Master of Engineering in Department of Chemical and material Engineering at Tamkang University

*  Master of Science in Analytical science at WARWICK UNIVERSITY



Ming-Yen Lin

Executive Manager

Tunghai University

Department of Law (LL.B.)



Wei-Chia Ko

Deputy Director, Procedural Department I

*  LLB of National ChengChi University

* Institute of Ming Chuan University




Chi-Long Zhuo

Director, Procedural Department I 

■ National Taipei University Dept of Economics





Qiao-Ling Wu

Deputy Director, Procedural Department I

*  Bachelor of Laws, National Chengchi University




Hsiao, Hsu-Ting

Deputy Director, Procedural Department I

*  Department of Law, Chinese Culture University

*  Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law, Chung Yuan Christian University





CHEN, Yu-chin

Deputy Director, Procedural Department I

*  Bachelor of Laws, Department of Law, School of Law, Soochow University, Taiwan

* Master Degree (LLM), European Business Law, Université Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille II, France




Nora SU

 Senior Legal Specialist

*  Department of German, Tamkang University





Yi-Cyun Li

Deputy Director, Procedural Department III

*  Bachelor of Laws from National Chengchi University





Purple Wang

Legal specialist

*  Bachelor of law in department of law at Soochow University




Lan Han Ching  

Legal Specialist

*  National Taipei University Department of Financial Law



Yi-Ling Yang

Legal specialist

*  Bachelor Of Law, Tunghai University



Ke-Rong Lee

Legal specialis 

*  Bachelor of law in department of law at Soochow University



Jinnshi Wu

Legal Specialist

*  LLM, National Chung Cheng University



Man, Tzu-Wei (Ariel Man)

Legal Specialist

n    National Taiwan University

Department of Law (LL.B.)



Meng-Ying LEE

Legal Specialist

n   TUNGHAI UNIVERSITY- Bachelor of Law

n   University of East Anglia-

LLM in International Commercial and Business Law

n   Queen Mary, University Of London-

LLM in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution




Robert Pratt


n   Florida State University

under the English program














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